Welcome to Nowbegins’ path to nourishment and well-being of children and mothers in Kabul, Afghanistan. If you’re a parent in Kabul, you know that ensuring your family’s health is a top priority. That’s where we come in: your committed partner in a nutritious diet for infants and toddlers, teens and mothers.

Ensuring that children eat a healthy and nutritious diet can be challenging for mothers, especially when dealing with picky eaters. At NOW BEGINS, we understand the difficulties that come with this responsibility, which is why we offer a variety of supplements and products designed to boost kids’ health. 

Our vitamins and minerals-enriched formulas, including milk, supplements, and cereals, are carefully crafted to promote healthy growth and development in babies and toddlers. 

And, of course, we remember the mothers! We have an extensive range of products for lactating mothers and those pregnant or in the postpartum recovery stage. At nowbegins in Kabul, we are committed to ensuring your child’s health and well-being as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.

Best Nutritious Products in Kabul

In Kabul, it is crucial to prioritise improving nutrition for children and mothers, given the increasing concern of malnutrition in Afghanistan, particularly among children and pregnant/lactating women. According to the latest findings from UNICEF, it is concerning to note that 7 Million children under the age of five are unfortunately experiencing malnourishment in Afghanistan. In addition, Afghanistan has the world’s highest rate of stunting growth in children. 

Malnutrition, defined as an insufficient intake of key nutrients, can have several negative health consequences. These may include weakened growth and development, compromised immune systems, and other severe health issues. 

Nowbegins is addressing this concern by offering nutrition supplements and products designed to optimise the well-being of children of Afghanistan and meet the unique requirements of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Nowbegins products for newborn babies..

Regarding the care and nourishment of newborns, formula milk and vitamin and mineral supplements play a crucial role.  

Nowbegins, carefully formulated and specialised formula milk meets the specific nutritional requirements of newborns. 

Mothers who need a nutritional alternative to breastfeeding can benefit from this quick and easy solution. 

Listed below are the products designed exclusively for newborns and babies up to one year of age,

  • Nowbegins Iso-Lac stage 1 

Now We Begin Our Introductions The formula Iso Lac Stage 1 is perfect for babies from 0  to six months. It contains lactoferrin nucleotides for immunity, ARA for skin health, DHA for brain and eye development, and more. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals for optimum growth. Choose nowbegins Iso-Lac, one of Kabul, Afghanistan’s best formulas, to offer your baby a healthy start.

  • Nowbegins Iso-Lac stage 2

Nowbeins commitment for high quality products extend to our Iso-Lac Stage 2 is for infants between 6 and 12 months. We’ve exceeded nutritional requirements with an advanced recipe that eases digestion, maintains organ health, and promotes physical development. It is Vitamin and mineral-fortified to promote healthy growth. Offer your infant a healthy head start with our nutritionally complete and balanced formula milk.

  • Nowbegins Iso-Lac lactose-free

Our amazing nutritional supplement Iso-Lac lactose-free formula is now available in Kabul. It is the optimal solution for lactose-intolerant babies. This premium formula provides critical nutrients for growth and development, such as GOS, DHA, lactoferrin nucleotides, ARA, proteins, and vitamin E, while being soft on digestion. Give your infant the best start possible without causing lactose intolerance.

Now Begins products for toddlers.

Nutrition is essential for toddlers and their growing bodies. Nowbegins understands the unique requirements of these active young explorers. It is not just about filling their tummies but also providing them with the nutrition they require to attain their full potential.Our toddler-specific product line gives the necessary nutrients their bodies require. 

Below are the best healthy toddler products available in Kabul, Afghanistan,

  • Iso-Lac Grow for Toddlers

Introducing Iso Lac Grow which is designed for children from one to three years. It contains vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, nucleotides, and fibres that promote healthy growth, immunity, and digestion—a wise alternative for busy parents looking for quality nourishment without artificial additives. Choose Nowbegins  Iso-lac Grow for your children and stop worrying about their nutritional needs.

  • Iso-Lac Vitamin D drops.

Introducing Nowbegin’s MedCal-D drops recommended for children aged 0 to 12. These Vitamin D3 drops efficiently help with bone growth, immunity, and overall health. It’s a simple and effective supplement for your child’s health because it contains the same kind of Vitamin D that the body produces. Because of the significant rate of vitamin D deficiency in children in Afghanistan, these vitamin D drops are very beneficial and crucial for toddlers and teens in Kabul.

  • Iso-Lac Sure 

Nowbegins’ Iso-Lac Sure, a delicious Vanilla-flavored multivitamin and mineral supplement for people of all ages. It contains many critical nutrients and helps maintain strong bones, a healthy immune system, and general well-being. It’s a highly nutritious choice for a healthy lifestyle. It’s convenient to use and ideal for hectic schedules.

Now Begins Products for Pregnant & Lactating mothers.

Pregnancy and lactation can put a lot of strain on a woman’s body, so it’s crucial for expecting and nursing mothers to have an adequate supply of nutrients. It can be achieved through nutrient-dense supplements and a well-balanced diet. Now Begins recognizes the importance of proper nutrition during this time and offers products specifically designed to meet the needs of mothers. By trusting Nowbegins, you can ensure a healthier journey for you and your baby.

Iso-Lac-Mama is the best supplement for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. It contains critical nutrients such as Folate, DHA Choline, FOS, Lactulose, and probiotics, ensuring that you and your baby receive the nutrition you require during this unique time. This supplement is one of the best nutritious products for mothers in Kabul, Afghanistan, where mothers usually ignore their diet and health. Iso-Lac Mama can guarantee a safe pregnancy and lactation journey.

Nowbegins best nutritious products available in Kabul

Nowbegins is excited to provide the best nutritional products in Kabul, Afghanistan. We are introducing our outstanding and healthy line of items for caring mothers, energetic toddlers, and babies. We know you want the best for your family, so we’ve carefully selected our supplements to help you achieve the highest level of nutrition. You can trust our products to feed your family the best. Trust us to be your companion for a healthier, happier, more energetic life. Discover the Now Begins difference for yourself now!

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