Want to elevate your health and well-being with high-quality nutraceuticals? You’re in luck. ‘Now Begins’ is now accessible in Sindh. Now begins presents a selection of cutting-edge solutions for your pregnancy and lactation journey.

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality isn’t just a word for us at Now Begins; it’s the cornerstone of our mission. We dedicate ourselves to rigorous standards, guaranteeing that each of our products is a testament to our unwavering commitment

Why Choose 'Now Begins' Nutraceuticals

Now Begins offers a diverse range of nutraceutical products, each tailored to specific health requirements. Our products are ideal for mother and baby nutritional support. Our dedication to research and innovation ensures that our products deliver actual results.

This demonstrates our commitment to your well-being. When you choose ‘Now Begins,’ you are trusting in the quality and purity of our offerings, backed up by complete transparency about the ingredients and processes involved.

Now Begins products for newborn babies

The early years are critical, and ensuring that your child receives adequate nutrition is critical. Nutrition deficiency can have long-term consequences for a child’s health and development.

Our milk formulas are more than just food for your baby; they are a complete support system. We have carefully crafted milk formulas in three stages to meet your baby’s changing nutritional needs. Your baby’s nutritional requirements will change as he or she grows.

Now Begins is present at each stage so your baby can receive the proper nutrients at the appropriate time. Our formulas are designed to provide essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for your baby’s overall development. 

Below is our range of formulas available in Sindh for babies:

  • Nowbegins Iso-Lac stage 1 

For stage 1 babies aged 0-6 months, Iso-Lac stage 1 instant formula milk. With GOS, DHA, lactoferrin nucleotides, and ARA, this premium formula provides complete and balanced nutrition: these nutrients aid digestion, brain and eye development, immunity, and growth. With essential vitamins and minerals, this formula gives your baby a healthy start—mix as directed for an easy solution. 

  • Nowbegins Iso-Lac stage 2

This is a new and improved instant formula milk, Iso Lac Stage 2, for 6-12-month-olds. This solution promotes growth and development with GOS, DHA, lactoferrin nucleotides, and ARA. Its vitamins and minerals make it ideal for parents who want to give their growing baby a healthy diet. It is easy to prepare, healthy and tastes good.

  • Nowbegins Iso-Lac lactose-free

Give your baby comfort and growth with Iso Lac Lactose-Free formula. This premium formula relieves lactose-related discomfort for a happy, healthy infant. It contains GOS, DHA, lactoferrin nucleotides, ARA, proteins, and vitamin E for your baby’s development. It is the best lactose-free formula milk in Pakistan. Say goodbye to digestive and colic problems and welcome a happy, healthy child.

Now Begins products for toddlers.

Nowbegins understands toddlers’ nutritional demands and has made significant steps to address them. These steps include informative blogs for parents, manufacturing the best supplements for toddlers, and ensuring the availability of these products in all cities of Pakistan, including Sindh.

Our toddler-specialized products provide the nutrients to nourish their growing bodies, strengthen their immunity, and promote activity, energy, and well-being. Now Begins offers Pakistan’s top formula milk and nutrients for toddlers, ensuring they get the nutrients their fast-developing bodies need.

  • Iso-Lac Grow for Toddlers

Iso-Lac Grow is a formula milk for 1–3-year-olds in Pakistan. It promotes strength, immunity, and cognitive growth with vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics. Iso-Lac Grow is an excellent multivitamin for toddlers and kids, made from natural ingredients with no chemicals.

  • Iso-Lac Sure 

Iso-Lac Sure is the ideal daily supplement for your child’s health and growth. It boosts immunity, bones, and well-being with a lovely vanilla flavor. It’s perfect for kids and adults because it contains vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium. Increase your child’s energy and focus for healthy growth. Mix with water for a pleasant, nutritious drink

Now Begins Products for Pregnant & Lactating mothers.

Nutritional deficiencies are a concern not only for babies but also for expectant and lactating mothers. During pregnancy and lactation, a mother serves as the primary source of nutrition for her baby. 

To support this critical phase, ‘Now Begins’ offers a range of specialized products designed to cater to the unique nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating mothers. These products are thoughtfully crafted to ensure that mothers can safeguard their well-being and their babies.

Pregnancy and lactation are transformative stages in a woman’s life, and proper nutrition is vital to a healthy and joyful experience. ‘Now Begins’ takes this responsibility seriously and has developed a selection of products to provide mothers with the necessary nutrients, ensuring they can cherish this time with peace of mind and well-being.


Discover Iso-Lac Mama, the perfect supplement for pregnant and breastfeeding women in Pakistan and Sindh. This milk-based powder formula with folate, DHA Choline, and probiotics supports newborn development and digestive health. It’s easy to make and provides the nutrition you need for a healthy pregnancy and nursing stage. Trust Iso-Lac Mama, the best multivitamins for pregnant and lactating women in Pakistan.

How to Get 'Now Begins' Nutraceuticals in Sindh?

Now Begins’ products are accessible in Sindh, including Karachi and Hyderabad. Whether you prefer the convenience of visiting our authorized partner stores or the ease of online ordering, rest assured that we prioritize timely delivery without compromising quality.

Explore our online store to choose the ideal products for yourself or your baby. Be confident that our stocks are consistently replenished at major pharmacies and with our authorized partners for a dependable supply of our nutraceutical solutions.

Facts about Sindh

Karachi, known as the “City of Lights,” is Pakistan’s largest and most populous metropolis. As the country’s economic and financial hub, Karachi is pivotal in driving Pakistan’s commerce and industry.

Its thriving seaport is one of the busiest in the region, facilitating international trade and contributing significantly to the nation’s economy. Karachi’s historical significance is evident through various landmarks, including the Quaid-e-Azam’s Mausoleum.

Weather in Sindh

Karachi has a hot and humid climate for much of the year, with scorching summers where temperatures can reach 40°C (104°F). Winters are milder but still pleasant. The city’s location on the Arabian Sea brings with it an occasional sea breeze and high humidity, making it critical to stay hydrated during the hot months.

Health Status of Mother and Child in Sindh

The health status of mothers and children in Sindh reflects a complex landscape with both encouraging progress and formidable challenges. On a positive note, there have been initiatives and measures aimed at improving maternal and child health.

Dedicated projects like the Sindh Integrated Health and Population Project were introduced in June 2021. These efforts signify a recognition by the government of Sindh that substantial improvements are needed.

However, several challenges persist. Social and cultural practices that may lead to delays in seeking medical assistance during pregnancy contribute to maternal mortality. 

Poverty and a lack of access to quality nutrition continue to affect pregnant women in low-income rural areas, hindering maternal and child health. 

To address these challenges comprehensively, continued investments in healthcare infrastructure and further awareness and educational initiatives are imperative for a brighter future for Sindh.

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