If you are searching for high-quality nutraceutical products, then you need not look any further to improve your health and overall well-being. Now Begins products have now made their KPK debut, providing a wide range of nutraceutical solutions for both you and your child.

Our Commitment to Quality

For ‘Now Begins,’ quality is more than a promise; it’s a principle. We’re dedicated to maintaining the highest standards, ensuring that each product we offer is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Why Choose 'Now Begins' Nutraceuticals

Choosing ‘Now Begins’ is a commitment to quality, supported by rigorous research, expert guidance, and meticulously crafted products. You can count on our unwavering commitment to quality to ensure that every product you receive meets the highest standards, ensuring your safety. 

Our research-backed approach results from extensive research and innovation, resulting in dependable results. Furthermore, we provide guidance and expertise to assist you on your path to better health.

Our products are not only well-made; they are also reliable solutions that prioritize your health and confidence. By selecting ‘Now Begins,’ you choose quality, research, guidance, and dependable products based on trust.

Now Begins products for newborn babies

A baby’s healthy development and growth are dependent on proper nutrition. At ‘Now Begins,’ we understand the importance of essential vitamins and nutrients in your baby’s nutrition.

We have meticulously crafted a range of milk formulas divided into three stages, each tailored to your baby’s age and specific requirements, to ensure that their changing nutritional needs are met as they grow.

Your baby’s nutritional requirements change as he or she grows through the stages of development. ‘Now Begins’ is committed to assisting your child at every stage of this journey. 

We have carefully designed a comprehensive range of products that can adapt to their changing needs. By selecting ‘Now Begins,’ you opt for a well-structured and flexible environment.

Below is our range of formulas available in KPK for babies:

  • Nowbegins Iso-Lac stage 1 

For stage 1 babies aged 0-6 months, Iso-Lac stage 1 instant formula milk. With GOS, DHA, lactoferrin nucleotides, and ARA, this premium formula provides complete and balanced nutrition: these nutrients aid digestion, brain and eye development, immunity, and growth. With essential vitamins and minerals, this formula gives your baby a healthy start—mix as directed for an easy solution. 

  • Nowbegins Iso-Lac stage 2

This is a new and improved instant formula milk, Iso Lac Stage 2, for 6-12-month-olds. This solution promotes growth and development with GOS, DHA, lactoferrin nucleotides, and ARA. Its vitamins and minerals make it ideal for parents who want to give their growing baby a healthy diet. It is easy to prepare, healthy and tastes good.

  • Nowbegins Iso-Lac lactose-free

Give your baby comfort and growth with Iso Lac Lactose-Free formula. This premium formula relieves lactose-related discomfort for a happy, healthy infant. It contains GOS, DHA, lactoferrin nucleotides, ARA, proteins, and vitamin E for your baby’s development. It is the best lactose-free formula milk in Pakistan. Say goodbye to digestive and colic problems and welcome a happy, healthy child.

Now Begins products for toddlers

Nowbegins understands toddlers’ nutritional demands and has made significant steps to address them. These steps include informative blogs for parents, manufacturing the best supplements for toddlers, and ensuring the availability of these products in all cities of Pakistan, including KPK.

Our toddler-specialized products provide the nutrients to nourish their growing bodies, strengthen their immunity, and promote activity, energy, and well-being. Now Begins offers Pakistan’s top formula milk and nutrients for toddlers, ensuring they get the nutrients their fast-developing bodies need.

  • Iso-Lac Grow for Toddlers

Iso-Lac Grow is a formula milk for 1–3-year-olds in Pakistan. It promotes strength, immunity, and cognitive growth with vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics. Iso-Lac Grow is an excellent multivitamin for toddlers and kids, made from natural ingredients with no chemicals.

  • Iso-Lac Sure 

Iso-Lac Sure is the ideal daily supplement for your child’s health and growth. It boosts immunity, bones, and well-being with a lovely vanilla flavor. It’s perfect for kids and adults because it contains vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium. Increase your child’s energy and focus for healthy growth. Mix with water for a pleasant, nutritious drink.

Now Begins Products for Pregnant & Lactating mothers.

Pregnancy and lactation are significant physical and emotional changes in a woman’s life. The importance of proper nutrition during these stages cannot be overstated. What a mother eats has a direct impact on her baby’s health and development.

During these critical times, nutrient deficiencies can have far-reaching consequences. This affects the baby’s growth, cognitive development, and overall health.

At ‘Now Begins,’ we recognize the profound importance of these moments in a woman’s life. It’s not just about the mother’s health; it’s also about providing a healthy start for the child. 

That is why we have carefully designed products to meet the nutritional needs of expectant and lactating mothers. We firmly believe that a healthy mother contributes to her child’s well-being.

Here are the products available for pregnant and lactating mothers:


Discover Iso-Lac Mama, the perfect supplement for pregnant and breastfeeding women in Pakistan and KPK. This milk-based powder formula with folate, DHA Choline, and probiotics supports newborn development and digestive health. It’s easy to make and provides the nutrition you need for a healthy pregnancy and nursing stage. Trust Iso-Lac Mama, the best multivitamins for pregnant and lactating women in Pakistan.

How to Get 'Now Begins' Nutraceuticals in KPK?

Now Begins is available in KPK, making it easier than ever to access our exceptional nutraceutical range. We’ve made it simple for you to visit our authorized retail partners in the city or make your selections online.

At Now Begins, we value your health and well-being tremendously. We are here to help you on your path to a healthier and happier life. Discover the distinct quality of our nutraceutical products and take the first step toward a better you right here in KPK. Our top priority is your well-being.

Facts about KPK

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) is known for its diverse landscape, which includes breathtaking Himalayan peaks, lush valleys, and rugged terrain. With world-famous destinations like the Swat Valley and the Khyber Pass, it is a hub for adventure seekers.

KPK has a rich cultural heritage and a sizable Pashtun population, and it is known for its warm hospitality and vibrant traditions. The region is an integral part of Pakistan’s economy, particularly in agriculture and tourism, making it a distinct and culturally significant part of the country.

Weather in KPK

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) has a relatively mild climate, especially compared to Pakistan’s hotter regions. During the summer months, temperatures in the lowlands and valleys frequently exceed 40°C (104°F).

As you travel higher in the KPK, the climate becomes more temperate, providing a more pleasant environment, especially during the transitional seasons of spring and autumn. The diverse topography of the province contributes to this range of climatic conditions.

Health Status of Mother and Child in General

When we assess maternal and child health in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan, we find both challenges and a ray of hope. Recognizing these challenges and the beginning of efforts to address them is a positive development.

More women use healthcare facilities for childbirth, indicating progress toward safer pregnancies. Nonetheless, challenges remain, particularly in terms of high infant and under-five mortality rates.

These difficulties stem from a lack of healthcare access as well as a lack of maternal and child health awareness and education. Initiatives such as the Maternal Child Health and Nutrition (MCHN) Tank, as well as support from the US Agency for International Development (USAID), provide reasons for optimism, to improve access to healthcare and the well-being of women and children.

While the path to better health is ongoing, the commitment and actions taken inspire hope for a healthier future for mothers and children in the region.

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